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China: Global Art Project for Peace Workshop Participants

The 2016 GAP Exchange in Mainland China was organized by GAP Regional Coordinators Prof. Zhen Wei, Vice Chairman of the Department of Fine Arts and Design at Beijing Normal University, and Celine Xi, General Manager at Design By Design Ltd. 24 schools throughout Mainland China, including Inner Mongolia, participated in the 2016 exchange. Nearly 1800 artworks including the artworks from overseas were exchanged.

Before the exchange, a 2-day GAP workshop and training session for 200 teachers and students was held in Shenzhen. Following the workshop, teachers returned to their schools to organize GAP art/peace activities. Prof. Zhen Wei was invited to give a lecture. Art Education experts, art teachers and schoolmasters attended the Training Program. Each of the teachers and students in attendance was given a GAP certificate for participating. At the workshop, the Global Art Project for Peace matches were given to each school for the 2016 exchange.

Celine Xi organized a Global Art Project for Peace exhibition of art created for the exchange in Mainland China. After the exchange, she organized an exhibition of art received by participants. The exhibitions were held at Cezhiqiu Culture Centre of Baoneng in Shenzhen.

After the exhibition, a schoolmaster said, “We exhibited only our own artworks in the past. This year we could exhibit those artworks received from GAP exchange and they attracted lots of attention. This Project not only handed on love and peace, but also gave our school a way of international exchange. So, it is really meaningful.”

(See the GAP China videos for additional documentation of the 2016 Global Art Project for Peace exchange activities in Mainland China.)

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