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002 Christine Scholz.jpg

Christine Scholz

Christine Scholz
Trostberg, Germany

“My English is not so good, but I will try to tell you something about my picture.

“The first idea was to paint the ‘colourful’ earth, rolling between ‘day’ and ‘night’ in ‘peace’ (white pigeon). During painting, I had the idea to paint humans, places, situations, animals, flowers, houses from different countries, because the world is so wonderful in its diversity. And some pictures are specially important for me, for example the dancing couple in love, music, the grandmother with her grandson (We have 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter, and we love it very much), the green wood, because it's a wonderful memory of my grandfather, (we both were very happy to go into the wood and to make wood), the yellow butterfly, (when I see the first, I know that spring is coming), the little white flowers are anemones, (they grow in a little wood near our house, there's a little river, the ‘Alz’, there we walk very often, and when the Anemones flower in spring it's like a marvelous paradise.)

“So every picture is important for me.”
Christine Scholz

This inspiring artwork by Christine was selected to be used as a poster for the 2022 Global Art Project for Peace exchange. Christine is a Regional Coordinator for the Project in Germany.

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