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011 Marian Roose Ninneman.jpg

World Peace

Marian Roose
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Marian’s letter to her exchange partner:

“I was thrilled to find my art partner lives in Australia.  I was blessed to have spent New Year's Eve at Sydney Harbor in 2017. Australia was one of the destinations my husband and I never got to before he passed away. After the fireworks (spectacular!), I put some of his ashes into the water.

“Some friends who winter in Arizona met Katherine and sent me the information on how to get involved in the Global Art Project.  As a relatively new glass artist I am a first time contributor to this project and thrilled to participate. I've attached a picture of the piece you will be receiving.  Titled World Peace.  The circle represents an all-inclusive world, the multi-colored pieces within the circle represent the flesh tones of the world, and of course, the peace sign (old-time hippie!).  The piece made of strips of glass, measures 10 inches.

“Hope you and yours have remained safe and healthy during these crazy, unpredictable times.”

In Peace, Love, Kindness and Health,

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