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040 Raeanne Masching.jpg

When you make peace with yourself, you make peace with the World

Raeanne Masching
Student at Heartland Community College
Bloomington, Illinois, USA

RaeAnne Masching, a student at Heartland Community College, exchanged her art for peace with a participant in Rockwood, ON, Canada.

Note from RaeAnne’s teacher: “I want to first thank you for such a wonderful project that I have had the pleasure to participate in as well as my students. I love it! My school, Heartland Community College, is starting a global studies sequence and we would love some brochures to pass on to more students.

“I've made a big push to get a block of students to participate and the college helped by paying the signup fee and shipping costs for 24 students! Yay!! I'll be documenting as much as I can of my students' submissions. I love this project. In a troubled world it is lovely to know that you and so many other people are striving for peace.”

Jane Camp, Professor of Art, Heartland Community College

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