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043 Jane Camp.jpg

Feathers are one of a kind.......just like people.

Jane Camp, Professor of Art, Heartland Community College
Normal, Illinois, USA

Jane and her students have participated in the exchange since 1998.

“I want to first thank you for such a wonderful project that I have had the pleasure to participate in as well as my students. I love it! My school, Heartland Community College, is starting a global studies sequence and we would love some brochures to pass on to more students.

“I've made a big push to get a block of students to participate and the college helped by paying the sign up fee and shipping costs for 24 students! Yay!! I'll be documenting as much as I can of my students' submissions. I love this project. In a troubled world it is lovely to know that you and so many other people are striving for peace.”

Jane Camp

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