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2020 Gallery

049 Denali Brooke.jpg


Denali Brooke
Evergreen, Colorado, USA

Denali created this art for the 2018 exchange but it wasn't included in the 2018 Gallery...so it's being shared now!

“This image was inspired by my love of elephants. They are the gentle ones who intrigue us and demonstrate humanity's quest for compassion, tenderness, and unity. Because of their protective and loyal nature, I wanted to have them hold the Earth. The third elephant reminds us to be joyful, and is surrounding the Earth with one of our most precious resources, water, which is so incredibly important to protect for all living beings. Using the elephant was intended to convey that global peace is also sustained and achieved when we care for all our resources, including the creatures that live amongst us. When we care for them, we might also see better how our actions, like wars, affect all life and create so much destruction, displacing animals and people.  When we care for them, we can't help but develop an affinity for them, and we are reminded of our place on Earth as stewards.”  Denali Brooke


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