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2020 Gallery

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Global Peace Mandala

Minervas, North Carolina Chapter with the direction of Claudia Zamora
Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

The Minerva’s mandala was created for their exchange partner, EclectArte, in Bucharest, Romania.

“The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means a circle. The mandala is a ‘magical’ and sacred drawing that leads us to go through meditation in action, harmonizing our inner world with the outer world; it is a graphic and symbolic representation of the cosmos. Spiritually it is considered a center of energy, balance, and purification to transform the body and mind.

"Eight women from the Minerva's Circle worked collaboratively to manifest global peace on earth.”

Claudia Zamora
Heather Taylor
Tita Nieves
Frankie Craig
Daphne Fuller
Connie Kern
Linda Keel
Cecilia Salazar


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