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Cowichen Intercultural Society, Healing Art Group with the direction of Francoise Moulin Durham
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

The Cowichen Intercultural Society, Healing Art Group exchanged their art with the Canfield Fair/ YMCA Group in Boardman, OH, USA.

“We are a group which meet every week where we share our love for art and where we support each other. On the beginning, it was called ‘Healing Art class’. It is about 6 years we are meeting. Some stay and some are going where the life lead them.

“Explanation: This project is fun to do. The group start to paint and every 2 minutes, everyone has to move around the table where the water color paper is on. So...It is really a sharing piece of art because we, as individual has to move on around the painting and cannot stay where she start. It take courage but eventually, it is a lot of fun and very creative. It is so much fun to express our community and love this way.

“I am hoping that you understand what I am writing.  My English is so bad when to explain.

“I am sending you much gratitude and I find you an incredible person to create this event over the years and to take care of us.”

All my love, 
Francoise Moulin Durham
Francophone Integration Coordinator
Art Coordinator
Cowichen Intercultural Society
Immigrant Welcome Centre of Cowichen

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