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074 Trudy Akler Peace Flower Shop.jpg

Peace Flower Shop

Trudy Akler
Pickering, Ontario, Canada

“For this year’s Global Art Project, I wanted to incorporate the notions of simple beauty and, of course, peace into my art. The image of a flower came to mind, followed by a multitude of flowers, and, eventually, the flower shop concept. I brainstormed for components of peace, narrowing my list down to equity, kindness, serenity, support, joy, diversity, and love. Next, I synthesized these ideas with different types of flowers and vases. Playing around with various compositions, brainstorming for appropriate materials, and frequently revising my design eventually led to my mixed media ‘Peace Flower Shop’. My exchange partner for this year was an artist in Sibiu, Romania.” Trudy Akler

Trudy is a Regional Coordinator for the Project in Canada and has involved many groups of students in the exchange for the past fourteen years.

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