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Youths at Dar Chabaab with the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer, Mary-Elizabeth Mitchell
Skhour Rhamna, Morocco

“The group can’t participate in the exchange because of the country-wide lock down for COVID still in effect, which means that the Dar Chabaab is closed and not available to the students right now.

“We were able to launch the project, though. Our Community Garden and the Environment program launched on March 1st and the kids (ages 12-16) planted their vegetable seeds in the plant boxes per the School Garden program.

“Afterwards, we introduced the Global Art Project for Peace to the kids and asked them over the next week to think about what peace means to them through the lens of the world and taking care of the environment since it belongs to all of us. The following week we divided the kids into small groups to talk about their ideas. Each group had a scribe and the scribes then presented the group ideas. I didn't understand most of it because it was conducted in Darija and I'm a novice but I do know good ideas were expressed including a wonderful quote from the Koran that very directly spoke to caring for the earth no matter one's religion. Our next steps were to work from those ideas and begin putting imagery together with the key ideas that the kids would want to include in conceptualizing their art work.

“Here are pictures of the kids in their discussion groups, as well as a photo of a box planting and a box about 3 weeks after planting.

“Inshallah, next year! With many thanks for everything,”
Mary-Elizabeth Mitchell

Letter from Morocco Peace Corps Coordinator to Mary-Elizabeth Mitchell:

“Hello Mary-Elizabeth,
“Thank you so much. You have succeeded to join efforts with the local community leaders and bring to life a small environment learning project to youth center students, combined with a Global Art for Peace demo talent.

“You have planted the seeds of change, which we hope will continue to grow after normal life resumes.

“I’ll be sharing the pictures and report with our partners here, namely Global Art Project and seed providers.

Stay healthy and connected, All the best,
M’hamed El Kadi
IRC Manager
Peace Corps/Morocco

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