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2020 Gallery

084a Guardian Angel.jpg 084b China.jpg

Guardian Angel

7 year old girl
Beijing, China

Participants in China created their art to exchange at the height of the pandemic in China before it had become a worldwide pandemic. Most of the images they created to exchange reflected their reality of the pandemic. The description that was given for Guardian Angel: “The outbreak of coronavirus, angels in white struggle in the anti epidemic line, do their best to eliminate the virus, treat patients. Salute the angel in white!”

Bottom art: Looking forward to seeing you again
Created by a woman in Beijing, China.

Description that was given with her art: “When the epidemic is over, a group will go to the Yellow Crane Tower to climb the heights and overlook the cherry blossom in wudachang, take photos of the Yangtze River Bridge in wanghong parrot Island, eat the authentic spicy taste of Zhou black duck and hot dry noodles, and come on in Wuhan.”

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