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Breath From Earth

Wen Kong (Winnie K.)
Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

“My manual work is made of a round mask and surgical mask. The blue part symbolizes the ocean and the leaves symbolize the mainland. If you put the globe in front of you and locate Asia, you can see what I mean.

“The implied meaning of the work is to expect the virus to disappear as soon as possible, all mankind together to protect the earth, the global restoration of ecological balance.” Wen Kong (Winnie K.)

Note to the Global Art Project from participant Yumeng Zhang, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China:

“This is the first time that I have the opportunity to pass on my love and peaceful power to the world, which makes me very moved and happy. This art activity Global Art Project for Peace provides people from all over the world with opportunities to communicate with people from other places. Through this art exchange, people can feel that good energy can be transmitted, and the seeds of love and peace can be sown all over the world. This art activity may be like a happiness transmitter, exchanging and delivering these happy seeds, so that the forest of peace and love can grow on the earth. What a beautiful picture it is!

“As a Chinese student, I am very happy and honored to participate in this art exchange activity, and I really look forward to the exchange of love with friends around the world.”

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