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Prayer Flags

Cindy Read
Hampden, Maine, USA

Note from Cindy:

“Although things were a little delayed because of the pandemic, I did receive my partner’s art, and she received mine. This is what I wrote to her to accompanying the little prayer flags that I made:


‘I am happy to send you these prayer flags, which carry my hope that peace will prevail on earth. Breath by breath, person by person, it will come from our hearts and spirits through our words and actions into the world. For the Cherokee people, the dragonfly is called the Messenger of the Peacekeeper, so I included the small dragonflies to help carry that message to you. Thank you for being my Global Art Project for Peace partner and for being part of this beautiful love-filled web of our hopes, our intentions, our visions of a peaceful world for all sentient beings. May it be so.’


“Thank you for sustaining this wonderful project. I look forward to 2022.”

In peace,
Cindy Read

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