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Grade 8 Art Experience Students at Amherst Middle School
Amherst, New Hampshire, USA

This art, created by the Grade 8 Students for the 2022 exchange, was selected for the 2024 Global Art Project for Peace poster. To download the poster click here.

“Attached please find some photos of my grade 8 Art Experience students and the group project they created for the 2022 exchange. The work was sent to The British School in New Delhi, India.

“Here is an excerpt from the letter I sent along with the artwork that describes our process:

‘This project was created by my 8th grade students in the Arts Experience course in the Spring of 2022. They were 16 students who participated in the creation of this work. Students chose to create radial designs that would connect with the work of the other students in the class. While this may seem like a simple task, the students had to come up with HOW the pieces would connect to one another and the parameters or constraints they would be using when making these pieces. This took some time and led to great discussions in class.

‘With regards to the colorful palette and unique design:
‘One of the constraints they decided on as a group was the use of rainbow colors in the background of their work and black ink for their designs. They used colorful oil pastels in happy rainbow colors to symbolize their goodwill and joy. You will see many symbols of peace within their work. Students printed their design five times in total: once to go in this project and then they printed their design four more times to create a complete design of their own to take home.

‘Since we had never shipped to India before, we did encounter some troubles when we went to mail off the package. Even though we had designed our project to be light and small, the shipping companies were quoting us $300USD to ship the work to India. That was too much for our budget. In the letter, I explained what we did:

‘I then brought the artwork back to the students and gave them the challenge–find a way to fit the artwork into a FedEx envelope. The students were disappointed at first, but were up for the challenge! We did lots of research on handmade books, but ultimately, we decided on a solution that came from a board game design. We think it works well.’

“I hope you enjoy this work. May peace be with you!”

Brandie Pettus
Visual Arts & Engineering Teacher

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