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Blue Guitar (Serenade of Peace)

<p>Anca Timis<br />
Brasov, Romania</p>

“EACH KIND OF ART IS A SERENADE OF PEACE - that is the message I wrote on an old, broken guitar, to which I added new paint, new strings, wooden wings. It is my pacifist, artistic way of celebrating our planet, of looking with confidence to humanity, to its goodness and values.

“With a little more effort, the guitar can be used as a musical instrument, and I won't mind if the wings are set aside to make it comfortable to play. Perhaps someone else can touch it with another art I love: music.

“Peace would reign in the world if every one of us could find an art form through which to express ourselves - and how much joy that would bring to us, to others, to our blue planet.”
Anca Timis

Anca’s art was included in a Global Art Project for Peace exhibition in Bucharest, Romania. Anca exchanged art with her Global Art Project partner in Davis, California USA.

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