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036 Illumination for Peace.jpg

Illumination for Peace

Jaquith Travis
Hayden, Idaho, USA

“This is called an ‘Illumination’ it’s actually created on a piece of vellum. The piece is 5” X 7” with a half inch border so it can be framed. I took a class in this art form in October and fell in love with the process. It’s an ancient art form dating back as far as the 5th century, and is the way books were illustrated before the printing press was invented. I am proud and honored to be entering another art piece into this Project for Peace. Thank you and your whole staff for the wonderful work you are doing.

“I am humbled and honored to once again sign up and reach out into the unknown. Through art and the desire for peace and goodwill among people, and among nations, if everyone around the world participated what a different world it would be.

“I especially like the idea of joyous creation. We all, it seems to me, need to focus not only on the news and the horrors that happen daily, but more so on the joyous, the honorable, the loving, the peaceful. It’s said, over and over, in many different ways, that what you focus on becomes your reality. GAP is certainly doing its part to make peace a reality. I am very grateful that you are, and that I can be a part.

“With love and gratitude,”
Jaquith Travis

Jaquith has been a Regional Coordinator for the Global Art Project for many years. She sent her “Illumination for Peace” to her 2022 exchange partner in Chitila, Romania.

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