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Across great distances…united through global peace and global health

Students at Kingswood Youth Center with the direction of Program Director, Zachary Porter
Wolfeboro Falls, New Hampshire, USA

Students at Kingswood Youth Center exchanged their art with students at Mohamed 5 High School in Goulmima, Errachidia, Morocco. The Kingswood Youth Center has participated in each exchange since 2006. They have previously exchanged art with partners in Malaysia, Bulgaria, Spain, Pakistan, UK, Germany and USA.

“This year we participated in the Global Art Project for Peace Exchange! Through this fun program, groups of youth from around the world are paired up to exchange peace themed works of art. The KYC has participated in this program for many years and it has proven to be a wonderful way to promote world peace and build global connections. This year the KYC was paired with Ever Day Art Studio in Malaysia. Yesterday our work of art started its journey from Wolfeboro Falls post office to Malaysia!

“For this year’s exchange, we decorated a globe with themes of global peace and global health. The globe is ‘wearing’ a face mask to represent the measures being taken around the world to stop the spread of COVID-19. One end of the face mask is pinned on the northeastern United States and the other is pinned on Malaysia to represent our connection made through Global Art Project for Peace! KYC and Ever Day Art Studio logos are adhered at our respective countries.”
Zachary Porter, Program Director

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