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Sojourners’ Ukrainian Flag

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“With all the events going on in Ukraine right now, we decided to focus our contribution to the Global Art Project for Peace on Canada’s support for the country and its people. Historically, many parts of Canada were settled by Ukrainian people seeking a new life in a new country. They found a warm, welcoming place here, particularly on the Canadian prairies. Each participant in this joint art piece was asked to create one blue tile and one yellow tile to be affixed to a stylized Ukrainian flag. Each art piece was to depict something Canadian that the artist felt would symbolize our connection to, and support of, the Ukrainian people and their beautiful country.

“Sojourners is a group of creative women founded in 2008 by Naida Brotherston who wanted to build a community for creative women of any age and skill level and who would be interested in working in any of several artistic media, including those art forms often considered craft. The idea was to put the focus not on the quality or market value of the art, but rather on self-exploration and self-expression. At the core of this undertaking would be the building of a community of women in a way that offered them emotional safety, with total freedom and confidence to push the boundaries of their creativity. They could share their work within the group at whatever level they were comfortable.”
Lindsay Hope-Ross

The Sojourners exchanged their art with Healing Art Group in Otley, West Yorkshire, UK.

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