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061a Surabhi Kansal St Marks.jpg 061b Surabhi Kansal St Marks.jpg

“There are no breezes of sleep in her autumns, only when she sings is her soul alive”

Surabhi Kansal, Grade 9 Student at St Mark’s Sr. Sec Public School, Meera Bagh
New Delhi, India

Letter from teacher, Geeta Rajan, to Global Art Project for Peace:

“Surabhi Kansal is the leader (of the Global Art Project) here. Very talented and skillful. She organised the whole thing - right from inviting students to participate to setting a deadline, collecting the artworks and sending them to me - very organised way of functioning.

“I am very proud of the fact that Surabhi Kansal took the initiative to motivate her peers and get them to take part in it. She has demonstrated real leadership skills.

“It has always been a pleasure contributing to your organisation. I feel good doing that.

“Love and peace be yours,”
Geeta Rajan

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