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Bell Family - Stephanie, Kevin, Ethan and Asher Bell
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

“Attached you will find photos of our Global Art Project Process, final art (2 sided-trifold).

“First step of our process was brainstorming what peace meant to us—relaxing, the ocean, space, animals, harmony, connection. Peace is not only a state of being but a way we desire to interact and connect with others.

“Then we combined our ideas into one piece of art. We used a double sided tri-fold canvas. One side we used watercolors to symbolize the ocean and then outlined the continents in glitter. We placed hearts where we live and our Global Art partners live.

“Our family deeply cares about the animals that have created habitat in the oceans of the earth. Dolphins symbolize peace to us.

“On the other side we used spray paint to create our depiction of the universe to symbolize how peace can transcend all boundaries. The universe was created using a variety of spray paints and layering/masking techniques.

“Thank you for the opportunity,”
Stephanie, Kevin, Ethan and Asher Bell

The Bell Family’s art was sent to their exchange group in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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